BLACKWOLFGOAT - Dronolith (clear) LP

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Birthed in the year 2010, Blackwolfgoat is here now in this world and is very real. Yes, the legends and stories of Blackwolfgoat are all true, and then some. Guitarist Darryl Shepard, one-time member of bands such as Hackman, Roadsaw and Milligram, decided to go it alone for his latest endeavor, choosing to create loops and drones which could then be added to and layered upon to build songs out of the simplest of material. With just one guitar and one amplifier, Shepard has crafted musical pieces which take the listener to some dark places, and some lighter ones as well.


- limited to 350 copies only: 250 clear 180g vinyl / 100 clear green white splatter 150g vinyl
- special vinyl mastering
- 300gsm glossy gatefold cover
- handnumbered
- high quality vinyl, pressed in Germany


1. Building Buildings 6:09
2. Ruane 6:36
3. Tyche 4:11
4. Fear of Stars 5:54
5. Event Radius 7:03
6. Dronolith 15:30


BLACKWOLFGOAT is the solo drone/ambient project from ex-HACKMAN/MILLIGRAM guitarist Darryl Shepard. `Dragonwizardsleeve` was the debut album released last year, if I`m not mistaken. `DRONOLITH` follows closely in the footsteps of BLACKWOLFGOAT`s first album. Limited to just 100 hand-numbered gatefold digi-sleeve copies (CD version), if you want a copy I`d suggest jumping on it a.s.a.p. With a 46-minute run time you will discover how quickly this album comes and goes. Shepard continues to improve upon his product. Progressive is the name of the game as his music creates a shifting landscape of fuzzed out guitars/ambient noise. His creative use of atmosphere is most striking of all. The album creates the impression that this was an act of improvised music. It`s as if Shepard just sat down and let his mind carry his music wherever it would go. Consider this album to be the art of experimentation at it`s highest peak. Simply gorgeous!
- Andy, Heavy Metal Time Machine

At first glance, this album would appear to be a rip on Sunn0))) due to the title, and their influence on Blackwolfgoat is heard, but it falls into the instrumental/post/whatever rock category more and manages to find a voice different from O`Malley’s. Opening track `Ruane` is a delicate staccato dance, creating lacey textures with the lo-fi recording and providing interesting contrast to the drone found later in `Dronolith`. The influence of Red Sparrows and Earth can be heard throughout the album, making this an ideal pick for fans of said bands.
- Emma, MetalBite

The ambient drone project of Daryl Shepard, Blackwolfgoat`s sophomore album, Dronolith, picks up where the debut Dragonwizardsleeve left off and progresses further into shifting landscapes. Hypnotic, each sonic structure has a distinctly modern and minimalistic texture established on firm but simple foundations, soon evolving, almost organically, into towering edifices and labyrinthine complexity...Beautifully crafted, each track growing until they stand tall by themselves and even mightier as part of the overall assembly, Dronolith is an impressive work that with repeat listens reveals ever greater depths. Recommended.
- Jason Guest, Sea of Tranquility

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