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The debut album of Germanys spacehead Dave Schmidt aka Sula Bassana, was released the first time on vinyl by Nasoni Records in 2002. Ten years have passed and its time for a re-release But not only a simple re-release: The whole stuff has been remastered by Krautrocklegend Eroc. There is whole new artwork, done by Electric Moons bass player Komet Lulu, whose designed stuff is released as 'Lulu Artwork!'. Neo-Psychedelia meets electronic influences. The heartbreaker 'My Blue Guitar' in between will soften every heart then. At the beginning still very '60s psych like, the whole thing gets more and more electronic to the end, what not means it does harm the psychedelic thing - it does support it!! With long and flowing tunes you get into kind of trance, you will only awake from it, when the album is done - what causes you to play again and again! With the Pink Floyd cover ,Baby Blue Shuffle in D Major" you will find another Floyd cover in the CD-Bonus tracks: 'The Vegetable Man'! Called the best Sula Bassana album ever by the fans, always marked as very good by the media, it now appears in its full beauty - the remastering was the best what could have happened to support the whole beauty of this sound, its charme and the listener can now dive deep into that perfection of psychedelia. Tracklist: Dreamer (5:48) Dealer McDope (4:50) My Blue Guitar (7:40) Nervenlaehmung (4:15) Ananda (12:45) Baby Blue Shuffle in D Major (9:29).

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