WHITE HILLS - Abstractions & Mutations LP

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Abstractions & Mutations was originally released in 2007 as a tour only CD-r for a UK tour White Hills did with Spiritualized guitarist Tony “Døggen” Foster’s solo band DØGNTANK (which also featured long time White Hills collaborator Antrønhy ØH on drums).  The album contains both studio and rehearsal recordings from the very inception of this full band version of White Hills.

Abstractions & Mutations on vinyl for the first time. The CD-r edition has been repressed a number of times but is long sold out and this material has been criminally unavailable.  For this first time vinyl edition the material has been mastered and cut to vinyl by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering in Brooklyn, pressed on virgin vinyl at RTI, and packaged in a classic old-style tip-on jacket printed on uncoated stock and featuring brand new paintings by Dave W.

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