RE-STONED, THE - Plasma (black) LP

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Formed in 2008, THE RE-STONED is a Moscow-based instrumental heavy-psyche trio which is led by guitarist and composer Ilya Lipkin. Two studio-albums, EP, and live-album have been produced since the band’s inception. “Plasma” is the third studio-album, and it finds the band heading in a new direction. It’s still the same sensual blues-influenced heavy psychedelic rock, but here they’re also rifling through various styles outside the realm of mind-boggling guitar riffs and rough jamming, for the first time incorporating songs with vocals (cover versions of Jefferson Airplane’s “Today” and Pink Floyd’s “Julia Dream”) and even electro-acoustic meditations for solo guitar. Performed by Ilya Lipkin (guitars, bass, effects), Vasily Bartov and Pavel Voloshin (drums) with guest appearances of Veronika Martynova of WALDSONNE on vocals, Evgeny Tkachev of YAT-KHA on acoustic percussion, and Arkady Fedotov of VESPERO on synthesizer. Mixed by Ilya Lipkin; mastered by Tobias Svensson. This is the first THE RE-STONED’s vinyl LP-release! CD was out on R.A.I.G. Records (RU). 100 coloured, 400 black copies.

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