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Desert Wizards started in March 2007 when four friends strongly moved by '70 hard rock and psychedelic music decided to set up a band....after several months of exhausting sessions, the quartet formed by Mambo, Anna, Gito and Dallas decided that the time was right to record a 5 tracks demo of pure heavy psychedelic hard rock. After a year they decided to come back to the studio to record some new stuff and the result is the first full length album Dos. In 2010 the band signs up with Black Widow Records to release a new version of this album, named "DESERT WIZARDS", with a new package and an amazing artwork that had inspired other artist and band like Wicked Minds. In september 2012 they recorded the pink floyd's cover "Childhood's end" included in "One of my turns" a tribute to Pink Floyd by Mag Music, and after a year they release the new great album "RAVENS" always through Black Widow Records, avalaible on cd or lp. The music is heavy, dreamy, trippy, reflective and evocative....sit in the dark, light some candles, take a beer and get away from the world....

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