OCTOPUS SYNG - Reverberating Garden No. 7 (clear) LP

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Reissued on clear vinyl, presented in a gatefold sleeve.

Drawing on the spirits of psychedelic innovators from both the USA (Velvet Underground, The Doors, Jefferson Airplane) and the UK (early Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Marc Bolan), Octopus Syng play exquisitely crafted songs that range from warm and sunny acoustic psych-pop to acid tinged folk songs with hypnotic Kraut rock grooves and catchy jazzy rhythms. Gluing all the pieces together what you get is a band that plays a unique blend of neo-classical psychedelic rock. 'Reverberating Garden No. 7' is a vivid garden of earthly delights full of quirky, surreal songs that reverberate with love and harmony. It can also be a dark and sinister place. Yet there's always a loving, sweet cosmic vibe hiding somewhere in the flowerbed. So open the gate and enter the 'Reverberating Garden' with Octopus Syng.

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