BLACK LUNG - Black Lung (black) LP

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Conquering the long, bitter winter of 2014, a new player emerges from Baltimore's underground music scene. Dueling guitar riffs and heavy-hitting drums form the backbone of Black Lung, a 3-piece coalition of local forces. In the spring of 2013, multi-instrumentalist Dave Cavalier jumped at the chance to collaborate on a stripped-down rock n'roll project with Adam Bufano and Elias Schutzman from the psychedelic rock group "The Flying Eyes." Once peers in their local music scenes, these three friends now toe the line between sonic pain and psychedelic bliss.

With influences ranging from the raw blues-rock of early Black Keys to the stoned out riffage of Sleep, Black Lung skillfully forges a sound that is as heavy as it is soulful. Their self-titled Album is to be released via CD and Vinyl on NOISOLUTION licensed by Grimoire Records (US)!

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