RE-STONED, THE - Totems (black) LP

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"Totems" is the fourth studio album of the Russian premiere instrumental heavy-psyche/stoner band THE RE-STONED. Unlike their previous offering, it includes only instrumental compositions ranging stylistically from the classic 70s heavy-acid-rock to psychedelic rock, desert-rock, stoner and doom music. All songs are performed by the traditional power-trio line-up of Ilya Lipkin (guitars), Alexander Romanov (bass) and Vladimir Muchnov (drums); features guest appearance of Kent Stump of WO FAT among others. The sound-mastering was done by Tobias Swensson in Malmo, Sweden. This is arguably the tightest and heaviest album of the band. Must have for lovers of heavy riffs, solid groves, steadfast melodies and instrumental voodoo!

1. Fire Bear (7:14)
2. Hypnosis (8:02)
3. Chakras (5:44)
4. Old Times (4:49)
1. The Barbarian Hymn (10:25)
2. Shaman (8:03)
3. Sleepwalker (3:03)
4. Outro (1:21)

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