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PLEASE NOTE: One corner of the cover sleeve has been crunshed during shipment!

Deluxe 2xLP + poster!

Definitive reissue of these bone-crunching classic live recordings, completely remastered for vinyl, includes two bonus tracks not available on the compact disc release, old style tip-on gatefold jacket, comes with color poster insert.

Raw, absolutely bone-crushing live recordings from 1976 by one of the finest and heaviest Midwest power trios of all time. Double slabs of vinyl feature more than 70 minutes of the explosive live hard rock concert experience, including many tunes not on the band's essential "No Rest for the Wicked" album. Originally formed in 1969 as Truth, hard rock legends Truth & Janey played thousands of gigs (many with Leslie West), as well as playing with Blue Öyster Cult at a festival in Davenport, Iowa in front of 20,000 fans. All the while, Billy Lee Janey and the band were writing original material, gearing up to record their first full length album. In 1976, they laid down the tracks that would see release on their stunning "No Rest for the Wicked" album later that same year - the same year that these stunning live tracks were recorded. Comes with a color poster insert.

A classic album for fans of Hendrix, Blue Cheer, Cactus, Grand Funk, Mountain, etc. Billy Lee Janey takes his Gibson Firebird to stratospheric levels of heavy 70's guitar nirvana. Essential!

"An inferno of great jamming, excellent musicianship and tons of attitude"


Side One:
01 No Rest For The Wicked
02 One Down One To Go
03 White Bread
04 My Mind
Side Two:
01 Hard Road
02 Under My Thumb
03 Around And Around
04 Ain't No Tellin?
Side Three:
01 The Light
02 Birth Of The Heart
03 Universal Light
Side Four:
01 A Child
02 Building Walls
03 As I Am
04 Tunnel Of Tomorrow

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