ATOMIC SIMAO - Nodo (black) LP

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Atomic Simao is a mixture of psychedelic and space rock. The child of a great wave of 60's and gets a big inspiration by electronic music of 90's. They create psychedelic soundscapes in an organized chaos of acid-jazz, psych rock, and space rock. Listening to their music is like going on a long unexpected trip where multiple story lines unfold simultaneously and you are caught in the middle, observing and trying to figure out where this journey will take you and how it will conclude. These guys dig deep in their sonic exploration, creating lengthy multilayered instrumental compositions with organic flow and an excellent deal of improvisations. By pulling elements from several genres and layering them flawlessly, the band creates pretty solid tripped out tracks. Their music memorizes with intensity and diversity. Atomic Simao's sound is progressive and challenging but at the same time harmonious and very enjoyable. Turn it up and enjoy Atomic Simao's sound and all its trippiness!

Black vinyl 200 copies, coloured vinyl 150 copies.

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