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Sometimes, the weirdest things happen in the most unlikely of places. From the 1950's up to the mid 1980s, some of the outlying areas of the UK bore witness to some high strangeness in the form of U.F.O. visitations. Although, save for witness testimony, no recordings of these far-out events were made, here on U.F.O. Anthroprophh (who consist of ex-Heads guitarist Paul Allen along with Big Naturals' Jesse Webb and Gareth Turner) conduct a psychic survey of these sites and relay their findings in the only way they know how. In line with the uncanny nature of these events, U.F.O. sounds like it has been beamed in from another dimension. Expansive disorientating jams of the German variety combine with interplanetary zapped out radiophonic drones and some potent acid damaged guitar playing which have been woven into a heady hypnotic sprawl. This amorphous structure is anchored by cymbal washes and rhythmic percussive playing and all mixed with a woozy spaced out FX that makes U.F.O. a mind blowing slice of outer space rock.

All versions come with an OBI spine wrap, insert and download code. Pressing of 500 vinyl copies.

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