TURNAROUND - Black Soul Woman (colour) LP

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Turnaround is a band from Ukraine that play blues rock / progressive rock / classic rock at its best. They say their favourite bands are Black Sabbath, Ten Years After, Cream, Jimi Hendrix Experience and of course Led Zeppelin. They are often called Ukrainian Zeppelin for their resemblance with this band. "Black Soul Woman" consists of 8 songs (LP) and 1 bonus track (acoustic song available on CD only) that vary from lyrical ballads to stoner/hard rock songs in Black Sabbath/Blue Cheer style. The songs are complex, progressive, vintage and fresh all in one. It is also worth saying that digital pre-release gained some success and even was liked by Ten Years After/Hundred Seventy Split bassist Leo Lyons. 300 copies on limited edition coloured vinyl.

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