CATHODE RAY EYES - Eyes In The Melancholy Palm (white) LP

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Cardinal Fuzz / Captcha Records are proud to present to you 'Eyes in the melancholy palm', the debut long player from Cathode Ray Eyes (solo project of Ryan from The Cult Of Dom Keller).

From beginning to end, this is a melting pot of lo-fi madness recorded as a by product of insomnia, tinnitus and the descending insanity of the world around us. 'Eyes in the melancholy palm' is a dark, brooding record that lurches from cinematic instrumentals ( 'And the burial had several different endings') to fuzzed out deranged pop ('Harry Houdini' ) while other tracks such as 'The Unsuccessful Resurrection Of James Dean' and 'Will You Catch Me When I Fall From On High' evoke a gothic psych ambience that will suck you further into this sonic fever dream. Eerie, otherworldly and sometimes bizarre, welcome to the glorious world of Cathode Ray Eyes.

500 Pressing on white vinyl. 220 available for European market.

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