DEMON HEAD - Ride The Wilderness (colour) LP

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Their first full-length album, RIDE THE WILDERNESS. It will be no less than eight songs of wild rock that we summoned and trapped in a tape machine last year for the untamed and unchained! Recorded at The Chaos Island and Mastered by Tiger Bartelt of Kadavar, we?re dying for you to hear it.

Hard rocking songs and sinister tales from nightmarish corners of our minds! On a lost road between Heavy Rock highways and the Doom abyss, these eight tunes have been crafted with dedication to the old rock music traditions, for those that are born to be wild. Following the Winterland 7" (Levitation Records) and a sold-out demo tape, they have recorded RIDE THE WILDERNESS in their own studio, capturing and manipulating this wicked devil child of our on gritty tape machine and haunted sound equipment from days bygone. Inspired by the likes of Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy and The Doors, this is a soundtrack for days of thunder & lightning.

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