GAS GIANT - Pleasant Journey In Heavy Tunes (black) LP

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GAS GIANT was the premier psychedelic stoner rock band from Denmark in the early 90s. The band start off in 1996 under the name Blind Man Buff and in 1999 changed the name to Gas Giant. One EP which included the first recording of their now classic song 'Too Stoned'. Pleasant Journey in Heavy Tunes was originally released on the Burnt Hippie Recordings label in 2000. An 2nd edition of the original CD was released with slightly different artwork on the Loudsprecher label. Both labels died in the 2000s.

The vinyl edition of this classic record is long overdue and happily the band has returned with new vigor with original singer Jesper on vocals, djembe and effects and Stefan Krey on Guitar. The new line up includes Martin from the Danish bands, Psyched up Janis, Fri Galaxe, The Univerzals on drums and Kasper on bass. The band will be out playing concerts in Germany and Denmark in 2015 and playing these classic songs as well as working on new material.

520 copies total pressing:
210x black
205x transparent blue with green splatter
105x transparent green with black splatter (EXCLUSIVE KOZMIK ARTIFACTZ MAILORDER EDITION!)
all 180g vinyl and handnumbered

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