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Burning bright with lysergic energy Bison Machine's Hoarfrost - the band's debut album originally self-released to notable acclaim among the stoner rock community earlier this year - will get an official release this July through Germany's Kozmik Artifactz/Bilocation Records, Europe's leading purveyor of heavy psych, blues and stoner rock.

Worshippers of volume, Bison Machine have gained a reputation for their frenzied, high velocity live shows, welding Graveyard and Pentagram influenced shuffles onto the back of 70s Motor City rock and 90s stoner grooves. If you're a fan of pounding, colossal blues and heavy Zep-driven riffs then the Hamtramck four-piece's gnarled and muscular guitar and vocal work on tracks like 'Cosmic Ark', 'Gamekeeper's Thumb' and 'Viking Hand' will leave you floored, broken and bloodied.

Picture a small child raised on the delta blues since birth, then force fed Zeppelin and Sabbath til they could no longer move, then beaten and whipped with Kyuss, Pentagram, Earthless, Dead Meadow, Willie and Waylon, Queens of the stone age and Thin Lizzy, until one day, the child rears its ugly bruised and mishapen head perched upon its grizzled, muscular, agromegalic body rippling with virility, shrugs of it's chains, and runs down Jos Campau naked, riding a sabertooth tiger.


- 111x white/black/clear marbled (exclusive numbered MAILORDER edition) 
- 150x clear
- 150x black
- plated & pressed on high performance vinyl in germany
- matt laquered 300gsm gatefold cover
- full analogue recording
- special vinyl mastering


A1. Cosmic Ark 4:01
A2. Old Moon 6:32
A3. Gamekeeper's Thumb 7:18  
B1. Viking Hand 3:54
B2. Speed of Darkness 5:56
B3. Giant's Coffin 8:53

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