BLACK WAVES, THE - Thousands Of Visions (colour) 2LP

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'Thousands of Visions' is the first album by the French/Spanish psych band The Black Waves. Formed in 2009, the band creates a sound immersed in reverberation, drawn under a rain of distortion and sprinkled with some lightning's of pop music.

This record is a collection of songs influenced by various bands such as The Black Angels, The Warlocks or The Jesus & Mary Chain.

Over the years, the band toured in France, Belgium, Spain, Germany or Denmark with some of the best psychedelic and shoegaze bands such as The Magnetix, Camera, Psychic Ills, Electric Moon, The Cosmic Dead, Spindrift, The Oscillation, Jessica93, Jack of Heart, Sonic Jesus, The Vickers, Moaning Cities.

300 copies on coloured double vinyl!

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