MOON CURSE - Spirit Remains (red) LP

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Three years after their epic self titled debut Milwaukee's finest doom-trio 'Moon Curse' return stronger than ever! On six tracks the trio shows all their trademarks with enormous power - the listener can feel the pain and blood the band undertook to create this album dripping out of the needle's groove.

Moon Curse's vision of doom oscillates from traditional Sabbathian riffs over lava-like electric wizard slowlyness to up-tempo grooves that High On Fire could not have played better. This mixture is pure magic and will put a spell on you! You know it! You love it! So ... GET CURSED!

Recorded and engineered by Nolan Treolo. Mastered by Tony Reed. Cover art and layout by Matt Presutti.


- 166x blue marbled white (numbered MAILORDER edition) 
- 150x black
- 200x transparent red
- plated & pressed on high performance 180g vinyl in Germany
- matt laquered 300gsm gatefold cover
- special vinyl mastering


1. Beneath the waves 7:03
2. Electric Veins 10:56 
3. Lord of Memories / Spirit remains 11:29
4. Vicious sky 5:04
5. Witches' Handbook 7:55

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