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Spidergawd III is, logically enough, Spidergawd's third album, one of a trio - so far - of LPs that seem to appear with alarming regularity at least once a year in between numerous 7"s and what feels like constant touring. These guys are on fire, and you can hear it in every song and see it at every concert. A band that is self-confident enough to record their debut album during their fifth-ever rehearsal, and who have since evolved even further and found their voice, which is adventurous, energetic and very immediate.

Since the release of Spidergawd II, the band has toured Europe several times, played Roadburn, Roskilde and the Reeperbahn Festival, and Per finished building his recording studio, which Spidergawd III was then promptly recorded in. Spending more time on the recording of III than they did on its predecessors, Per and Kenneth worked on the songs together in advance, focusing in particular on what Per describes as expanding his guitar vocabulary. And you can hear it. Still in-your-face rock, this album is a touch more complex, with more depth and even more color.

No fear, the band has not sacrificed melody to the god of noodling - the melodies are strong and the songs (still) boogie their asses off. And if the sax at the beginning of The Best Kept Secrets doesn't make you do the same, then there is no help for you.

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