WOLVESPIRIT - Free (magenta) 2LP

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To put it into a nut shell: WolveSpirit plays rock. Good old fashioned and down to the bone, grinding rock. Loaded with heavy guitars, big drums, a bass that will let your pants flatter around your knees, and of course a swirling hammond organ, WolveSpirit most likely will take you on a trip back to the psychedelic 60s and the heavy rollin' 70s, if not into another dimension. But what tops the icing, are the raw, expressive and blues infused female vocals of the charismatic red haired singer reminding at times of a Janis Joplin or at others of a Stevie Nicks.

WolveSpirit captures the groove, feeling and spirit of far gone rockin'and rollin' days and elevates them into the 21st century to create their own unique sound. Thus WolveSpirit brings back something, that at times quite seems to have been forgotten in the modern and digital age we live in: Rock n'Roll!

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