GREENLEAF - Rise Above The Meadow CD

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6th full-length album from the Scandinavian music collective.

If the colossal hug of opening track 'A million fireflies' makes you think of Dozer, you shall be forgiven: one or two Dozer members indeed belong to the Greenleaf ranks! Still, Rise Above The Meadow has no intentions of simply being the product of some side project: their sixth incarnation sees the Swedes taking the Börlänge stoner sound foundation on weird and wonderful journeys! Playfully progressive parts melt into thunderous riffing, and you bet the guys still have enough breath to get their rocks off Queens Of The Stone Age-style. Greenleaf have been invading your dreams and know exactly what you need - this highly melodic masterpiece is the spark to light your fire! A timeless rock masterpiece where every track in enchanting!

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