MOTORPSYCHO - Here Be Monsters LP+CD

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LP (180gr) gatefold cover, black vinyl + CD.

Musically the album has, perhaps due to its provenance, turned into a somewhat less rockist proposition than usual, but those who like their psych motorpsychodelic will most likely find much to like in this album. In addition to five of their own compositions, the band also found this the perfect occasion to record one of their favourite psych nuggets of old, and their take on H.P.Lovecraft?s version of Terry Callier's 'Spin Spin Spin' fits in well with their own compositions, adding a new, slightly sinister vibe to the old folk tune and offsetting and complementing the grandiose sweep of their own songs perfectly. 

Make no mistake - this is cinematic psych to the max, and while neither a double album nor exactly a brand new musical tangent in the Psychoverse, the cinematic qualities of Motorpsychodelia have never been explored this thoroughly on vinyl. Co-produced, engineered and mixed by long time co-conspirator and fellow sonic explorer Thomas Henriksen, the album is also a new personal best for Motorpsycho in the hi-fi stakes. This is headphone music designed to tickle your aural pleasure centers.

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