GIN LADY - Call The Nation (yellow/red marbled) LP

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Gin Lady from sweden formed in early 2011 and released in 2012 their same titled debut, which got positive feedback all over the globe. The group is influenced by artists such as The Faces, Alice Cooper, Master's Apprentices, Cream and Blue Oyster Cult. The sound is straightforward and heading for the roots of rock.

Earlier ventures Black Bonzo and The All Janet clearly show the members taste for detail and perfection in their sound and songwriting. On their new album 'Call the nation' the band shows their talent for catchy melodies and songwriting in the best tradition of The Black Crowes and from the heydays of heavyrock from the seventies.


- 166x yellow/red marbled vinyl (numbered MAILORDER edition) 
- 150x black
- 200x red
- Plated & pressed on 180g high performance vinyl in Germany
- matt laquered 300gsm gatefold cover
- special vinyl mastering


1. I can't change
2. Call the nation
3. Mexico Avenue
4. Heavy Burden
5. Ain't no use
6. Down memory lane
7. Country landslide
8. I'm coming home

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