ASTRAL SON - Silver Moon CD

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Second album and follow up to the highly regarded debut 'Gurumaya' by Dutch psych and space master ASTRAL SON. One listens to 'Silver Moon' as a concept album with beautiful well constructed psychedelic songs blending into each other. Brilliantly expansive psychedelic rock that mixes guitars, keyboards and synthesizers for a very full, surrounding sound. Strong melody lines with a prog-pop flair will hook your interest and trippy, near-metal lead riffs will blow your mind; while otherworldly vocal harmonies float on the electronic paisley-puff clouds in the catacombs of your brain. A calm center of authentic 60s/70s influence steers the hallucinogenic atmosphere with a steady, strong blast of epic rock'n'roll drug music. Recalls bands like (early) Pink Floyd, Hawkwind and electronic psychedelic 70's krautrock in general.

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