RUBY THE HATCHET - Ouroboros (colour) LP

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Welcome to the early days! Ouroboros was a private 2012 recording from psychedelic doom-bringers Ruby the Hatchet and their first full length record.

Recorded 3 years prior to the band's Tee Pee Records release Valley Of The Snake, Ouroboros offers insight into the band's beginnings and early sounds. It features the original line up of founding members Jillian Taylor (vocals), Johnny Scarps (guitar), Owen Stewart (drums) and Mike Parise (bass). Ouroboros was recorded at Retro City Studios in Germantown, PA by audio-engineer Joe Boldizar with assistance from Barry Knob and Sean Hur.

Ouroboros showcases a more straight up rock sound with blues and retro nuances. Coming off of a self-titled debut EP written mostly as a three piece (Taylor, Scarps and Stewart), Ouroboros explores the next realm for the band - playing with harmony, tone and overall style.

This doomy quintet bring an organ-driven Deep Purple groove, wailing female vocal harmonies and fuzzy guitar and bass tones that are nostalgic, but not dated. Live intensity and tightness is paramount for these in-the-pocket groovers who not only write together, but live together. RTH conjure occult-flavored, evil hard rock with hypnotic and mythical lyrics for a witchy brew of ominous wild rock sounds!

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