ZQKMGDZ - Orbit Dualkraut (clear) LP

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ZQKMGDZ present their second manifest under the name "Orbit Dualkraut". The three guys from Lübeck, Germany show up that it's possible to create a new sound which they call "Interstellar Psycho Doom".

ZQKMGDZ - 10.000 km² gegen die Zeit was founded at new years day 2012 as a two piece band by Don Alfredo (guitar & vocals) and Don Fernando (drums). From the beginning their goal was to create visions of time traveling between planets and to transfer this idea into a musical reality. 2013 Don Libido (bass) jumped aboard the intergalactic spaceship of ZQKMGDZ. In this constellation they produced a manifest under the name "Dimension Plasma" which was produced in the halls of "Rosenquarz Recording Studios" and got an awesome feedback from all over the world.

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