SILVERLEAF (ex-FUZZ MANTA) - Silverleaf (black) LP

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Silverleaf is a Danish/Norwegian female-fronted power trio (feat. ex-FUZZ MANTA vocalist Lene) formed during the summer of 2014.

The band contains musicians from earlier bands Fuzz Manta, Cherry Overdrive and Nicolai Wilhelm Tell & the Tea Company, and each member draws on years of live experience from the Danish and European scenes.

The band delivers a genuine package of progressive rock, stoner, psychedelia and blues mixed with a lot of melodic elements.

The trio moves smoothly between the delicate airy breeze and the massive dark abyss with a ton of passion as common denominator.

Gatefold cover, mastered for vinyl, 180g high quality vinyl. 150 black / 150 blue / 111 marbled vinyl (mailorder edition). 

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