V/A - For Nepal (white/black swirl) 2LP

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Limited to 500 DOUBLE-LP's on white and black swirl vinyl.

This is a charity album for the Nepalese earthquake victims. 'For Nepal' is an 88-minute, 14-track monster spread over four sides of vinyl. All the profits of this record will go to the WHR (Women for Human Rights) organisation in Kathmandu.

Among the included bands are Mugstar, Gnod, Carlton Melton, Hey Colossus, The Myrrors, Sex Swing, Jason Simon of Dead Meadow, Dechemia (John Gibbons from Bardo Pond), Dead Sea Apes, Happy Meals, Spandril, Horrid, Winter Drones and Flamingods.


Kabuki Skull - Mugstar
Another Head - Hey Colossus
Eyes Of Copper - The Myrrors
Luke's Dream - Winter Drones
Quesso - Flamingods ft. Dustin Wong
White Worm - Sex Swing
Deoptimizer - Spandril
Creedon's Clear Water Revival - Gnod
True Believers (Version) - Dead Sea Apes
Hungry Ghostdance - Jason Simon
All Cops Are Bastards - Happy Meals
Suicide - Horrid 
Centers - Dechemia
Small Wonder - Carlton Melton

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