JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES - Jess And The Ancient Ones (red) 2LP (Remastered+Bonus)

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Back in 2012, the Jess and the Ancient Ones debut album was an essential part of what was known as the occult rock revival. The band's progress has since then ventured beyond such sub-genres, but the debut remains a cult classic, with its triple guitar NWOBHM-influenced melodies and furious vocal delivery.

This reissue adds four bonus tracks to the original album. Three tracks taken from early singles and one previously unreleased song - a cover version of Anthem by Roky Erickson. The entire album has been remastered at Orgone Studios.


1. Prayer for Death and Fire
2. Sulfur Giants (Red King)
3. Twilight Witchcraft
4. Ghost Riders
5. The Devil (In G Minor)
6. 13th Breath of the Zodiac
7. Come Crimson Death
8. Into Starlit Chambers (bonus track)
9. 13th Breath of the Zodiac single version (bonus track)
10. White Witch of Rose Hall (bonus track)
11. Anthem (bonus track)

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