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Two years after the release of the highly praised debut Origins, the mighty Blacksmoker is back with a brand new album. The latest creation is called Rupture. Drenched in a gloomy heavy riffage thunderstrom, Rupture describes a dystopian world on the brink of disaster: total surveillance is omnipresent and dictatorships rise under the cloak of democracy. A population brainwashed by media and religious fanatism led to only conclusion: Experiment humanity has failed. Protocol Ouroboros 68 has been initiated.

Deeply rooted in the Sludge Metal universe, Blacksmoker deliver a soundtrack for all re-sistance fighters out there. A highly explosive audio-molotov with the finest ingredients from the planets Doom, Sludge, Stoner and a couple of mercenary outposts in between. There is also a new face in Würzburgs ragtag bunch of misfits. Boris from the former Omega Massif has been added to roster. Now blasting sonic tempests on second guitar, Rupture is his very personal Blacksmoker debut. Blacksmoker will be roaming many stages across the galaxy in 2017.

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