ORANGO - The Mules Of Nana LP+CD

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Following on the heels of their latest release Battles, Norway's Orango returns with another album of masterfully crafted rock. The Mules of Nana is the band's sixth full length in a long career showing no signs of slowing down. The virtuoso trio of Trond Slåke, Helge Bredeli Kanck and Hallvard Gaardløs' shines in 10 tracks of blues-tinged, folkey and soulful rock and roll with three part vocal harmonies that would bring a tear to the eye of Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Orango's confident brew of good ol' southern rock, west coast style vocal harmonies and an amazing live energy, has been fine tuned with every album, peaking with the recording of their new album, The Mules Of Nana. The music was recorded purely out of internal inspiration; playing for the love of music in itself, and not compromising on their true affection for the genre's influencers.

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