FUNGAL ABYSS - Bardo Abgrund Temple (black) 2LP

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Debut studio album of Fungal Abyss, the psychedelic improv sister project of Seattle's doom/sludge heavyweight Lesbian. Originally released on cassette in 2011 on Translinguistic Other. Now the album appears the first time on vinyl and CD.

Bardo Abgrund Temple is the audible expression of the band's hallucinatory journey recorded on a number of lengthy, unedited psychedelic jams. The album captures the band's free-flowing improvisations under the influence of the sacred Teonanacatl mushroom.

An intense lysergic heavy psych trip drenched with screaming, echoing guitars, spiralling synthesizers and crashing drums. 

500x black vinyl, 180g - 300x transparent green vinyl, 180g, hand-numbered.

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