DEAD MEADOW - Peel Sessions (colour) LP

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Cardinal Fuzz are proud to announce the European Issue of Dead Meadow - Peel Sessions to coincide with the bands European Tour.

Recorded in 2000, the six-song sessions were the first Peel Sessions that legendary DJ John Peel allowed to be recorded outside of the UK. "At the time we had no money and no tour to head to the UK but John Peel really wanted us on his show," explains bassist Steven Kille. "He allowed us to record locally and since we were all good friends with Fugazi while living in DC we tracked the songs on reel-to-reel tape at their practice space in Arlington, VA." Besides the six songs recorded for Peel, this release will also include acoustic versions of "White Worm" and "Golden Cloud," which were recorded at the same time but in separate sessions. Tracked out during the same period as Howls From the Hills, the new release places a more energetic/live twist on "Drifting Down Streams", "Dusty Nothing", and "Breeze Always Blows".


A1. Dusty Nothing
A2. Good Moanin'
A3. Indian Bones
A4. The Breeze Always Blows
B1. The Boot
B2. Drifting Downstream
B3. Golden Cloud (Silver Stream)
B4. The White Worm

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