MY SLEEPING KARMA - Mela Ananda - Live 2LP+DVD

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'Mela Ananda' (which translates to "a gathering of bliss") is the first live record in MY SLEEPING KARMA's decade-long career. The concert atmosphere provides a healthy dose of enchantment which adds even more delight to the band's highly regarded brand of psychedelic rock. These reckless, heavy rockin', multi-layered melodies will make you groove, freak out and dream away.


1. Prithvi
2. Enigma42
3. Glow11
4. Ephedra
5. Vayu
6. Akasha
7. Brahama
8. Psilocybe
9. Tamas
10. Hymn72

Bonus DVD

My Sleeping Karma "Let´s give it a try" (Video documentation 10 years MSK) 31:44
My Sleeping Karma at Rockpalast (28.03.2010 - Köln Underground) 42:02

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