LAMAGAIA - Lamagaia LP

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Cardinal Fuzz and Sunrise Ocean Bender Records are proud to announce the S/T LP of the incredible Heavy and Heavenly kosmische and kraut inspired music that comes via Gothenburg and the band Lamagaia. The album is being released on standard black vinyl with full coloured printed inners (sleeve and inner sleeve designed by Rommel Valgart).

Having previously released a 7" on the ever brilliant Hoga Nord Records as well as the far-out self released Lamagius LP (1 track cut over 2 sides of vinyl) that brought them to the attention of Cardinal Fuzz. 

Lamagaia have sent forth 2 tracks - Aurora is the THROB of the universe as waves of feedback collide with the oscillating sturm und drang of music. Paronama Vju builds from slides of cosmic synths into a wondrous circular pulsating psychedelic trip. They are simply INCREDIBLE.

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