TURBOMATT - Only Mountains Are Real (blue) LP

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Hailing from Italy's green heart of Abruzzi, cinematic instrumental garage desert rockers TURBOMATT have waged psychedelic peace on the world with their tales of astro escapes, red wine dreams and melancholic landscapes since 2007.

Three-stringed guitar, two-stringed low bass & evil drums for a primitive and distorted experience, the birth of a new soundtrack to a visionary film, standing in a desert looking for a remarkable emotional reach. TURBOMATT's psych instrumental garage boogie rock'n'roll sweet ruckus brings the relentless spirit of the genre's pioneers like Pink Floyd, Velvet Underground and Funkadelic into modern age colossus (Sonic Youth, Yawning Man, Colour Haze) with super slick, robotic & desert feelings, minimalistic approach and loud production and a foundation-leveling sonic beating.

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