ALASTOR - Black Magic CD

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Alastor is a band from Sweden, who signed with Twin Earth Records, that plays a hazy doom metal, with hypnotically sang melodies that adds a psychedelic feeling, and some wizardrous riffs - adding the stoner mood to the equation. 

The album starts with an intro filled with fuzzy noises covered with microphony, with a slow fading in for the drums. The unhurried instrumental gets you going until another bunch of microphonics are thrown against you once again. And then - the song really starts. The lethargic state of these initial riffs desperately asks for a psychedelic vocal, and it eventually gets it a minute later. The vocals are hazed into bluesy colours, filled with echoes, double tracking effects and a considerably large headspace. The output is a mix of some classic influences, driven from the Black Sabbath's doomish vocal lines, with the tone of Electric Wizard. This whole formula will render the perfect combination between the satanic curse and the doomy perdition. (MOREFUZZ.NET)

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