SENDELICA - Lilacs Out Of The Deadlands (purple) 2LP

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The 2017 full-length by the highly rated Welsh psych rockers! 150x black vinyl, 250x purple.


Two themed platters from the band that never stops releasing new music. "Yin," on the one disc, extols the gentler side of Sendelica, and feels like an early Orb album without the narcolepsy; two twenty minute tracks that build, drift, trail and whisper, and reduce you to a puddle on the mat behind Cheryl Beer's spectral vocals. And "Yang," which draws out their louder urges and sounds an awful lot like - well, classic Sendelica, really. "Kenopsia" is the first of three shorter (four to five minute) excursions into those places that the Welsh band know best, sax led and solidly mantric; but it's the delightfully titled "Staring at Fainting Goats" that pushes its way most abruptly into the realm of Sendelica's all-time classics, ten minutes (that should be more) aboard a spaceship being piloted into the sun by the barbarian hordes. And then there's "Dancing to Dante's Inferno," whose title alone tells you what to expect, and which doesn't disappoint. Especially as that has to be the ghost of Hawkwind's "Master of the Universe" rattling around the opening minutes. Brilliant. As always."

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