SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT - One With The Universe (Digipack) CD

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This is SBE's fourth "full-piece-of-wax" - a culmination of all their works and truly a hard hittin' cosmic invitation for floating into their universe of spiritual progression. The most evolutionary development compared to previous SBE albums is the cosmic usage of analog synthesizers, keyboards and effects - while not losing focus on catchiness and well-rendered songwriting. The five new epics subtly integrate flashes from Jimi Hendrix' "Electric Ladyland", Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath with Canterbury Prog elements a la Caravan and the heavy riffs of Kyuss. "One with the Universe" can not be put just into one genre - it is a multifaceted heavy rock album with tons of soul, courage and originality!


1. Vipassana 10:43
2. Sad Guru Returns 07:55
3. Glorious Daze 06:01
4. One With The Universe 15:02
5. Eastern Sun & Western Moon 07:38

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