DEMONAUTA - Tierra Del Fuego (black) LP

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"The return of Chilean riff monsters Demonauta is upon us. Oh man, this came out of nowhere from the high plains of the Andes and straight to the heart of any stoner rock listener. This album is a sheer tour de force in fuzz-ridden bass-heavy desert stoner rock. All previous fans of this highly esteemed Santiago based band is sure to be pleased by this new outing as it surpasses anything they have done so far. So jump on the lama and get moving to this shiny pearl of an album. Tierra del Fuego is their 3rd album and easily their best so far." (Stoned Meadow Of Doom)


- 200 copies black vinyl
- 111 copies blue/white marbled vinyl (handnumbered Mailorder edition)
- all 180g vinyl, high quality pressing by PALLAS Group Germany
- deluxe gatefold
- specially mastered for vinyl

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