LAMAGAIA - Lamagaius (purple) LP

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Sound Effect Records proudly present the long awaited, re-mastered reissue, on vinyl and CD, of Lamagaia's debut album!

"Lamagaius" has previously been released as a cassette in 2013 and on vinyl in 2015, both with unmastered sound, both very hard to find collectors' items. Now, "Lamagaius" has received the re-mastering treatment of Athens' Ekelon and is ready to reveal its mantra-like quality to the ears of more unsuspecting music-heads around the globe.

The Gothenburg-based Swedes just released their self-titled sophomore album to an ecstatic core of fans of modern space/kraut/drone-psych sounds, however, "Lamagaius", with its 28-minute-single-track "strategy" is the essential Lamagaia disc!

As they, themselves comment: "this recording of Lamagaius was made when the song was still very new, and not really fixed in a solid form. We like to record like that. It gives room for improvising without fear of ruining some pre-set vision. That way, the song gets to have a say about its own shape."

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