STEAK - No God To Save LP

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Emerging from the shadows of murky London bars, this quartet's love for the underground knows no bounds. Helping to shape a movement in rock and roll music across the UK and Europe - guitarist Reece Tee is also one of the founding members of the legendary DesertFest - STEAK have forged a path on a crusade to make to make cities shake and heads roll.

"The new slab of glistening flesh by heavy rockers Steak from the UK, is seasoned with massive riffs and seared to perfection over a bed of atmospheric bliss. The rhythm is dripping with robust groove and the vocals slice against the tender grain of distortion serving up a full course platter of metallic frenzy. My ears are bigger than my mouth with this glorious hunk of marbled beef." -- #6 debut on the Doom Charts

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