HOUR OF 13 - Salt The Dead: The Rare And Unreleased 2CD

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SHADOW KINGDOM RECORDS is proud to present a long-overdue demos & rarities collection from thee immortal HOUR OF 13, appropriately titled Salt The Dead: The Rare And Unreleased.


01. Call to Satan, Demo
02. Submissive to Evil, Demo
03. The Correlation, Demo
04. Endurement to the Heirs of Shame, Demo
05. Grim Reality, Demo
06. Hex of Harm, Demo
07. Allowance of Sin, Demo
08. Missing Girl, Demo
09. Call to Satan, Chad Davis, Vocals
10. The Rites of Samhain, Chad Davis, Vocals
11. Upon Black Wings We Die, Tribute to Jason McCash
12. The Gathering / Call to Satan, Ben Hogg, Vocals
13. Submissive to Evil, Ben Hogg, Vocals
14. Grim Reality, Ben Hogg, Vocals