BLACK BONE EXORCISM - Crack The Bone, Break The Heart (blue) 2LP

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Collapse Edition: Limited to 150 copies, Gatefold Jacket, Black innersleeves, Electric Blue/Sea Blue Merge 2LP

Seattle, WA based Black Bone Exorcism successfully create a visceral experience via intense, heavy, and dark music, specifically to showcase what they have experienced with the world today. With rage filled distorted guitar onslaughts, tribal rhythms that hypnotize, and melancholy and somber interludes, Black Bone Exorcism's goal is to create chaos to break violently through the mediocrity of today's mainstream heavy music scene and into a new world with fresh, open eyes.

With crushing riffs, thunderous drums and bass, emotionally disturbing sampling, and creative ambient landscaping, they push the boundaries of what their vision of dystopia is through dark, heavy, and mind-altering music.

"I was hammered to the floor by their intensity and dynamics. Right then, I knew they were on to something...When you feel this and you see their performance at maximum volume, you can't turn back." - Chris Schanz (Doomed and Stoned Magazine)

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