BRUME - Rooster (black) 2LP

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Year of the Rooster Edition: Limited to 100 copies, Gatefold Jacket, Hand numbered, Black vinyl, Comes with a Unique Collector's Card (size of a business card)


"A dense fog comes to rest over the 51 minutes of Brume's Rooster. By the end of the 10-minute opening track, it has settled in despite - or perhaps because of - the pervasive thrust the San Francisco trio have conjured, and it remains a factor for the six-track duration." --The Obelisk

"Worshipping the purity of The Riff, yet with enough psychedelic depth to fashion a very well-rounded and nuanced release, Rooster is a top quality listen from start to finish." --Wonderbox Metal

"Rooster is literally a giant leap forward from "Donkey" in composition, performance, and production, and that's saying a lot in comparison to such a fantastic debut EP. The mix is well-balanced between the instruments and the production leaves room for the music to breathe, even in its heaviest moments. Rooster has come pleading with the listener to pay heed. Those who fall under its shadow will be ensnared like the sailors of old following the siren's call to their doom upon the rocks. Speaking from personal experience, these rocks are actually quite comfortable." --The Ripple Effect

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