SONIC SHAMEN - Tribute To Lemmy (colour) 2LP+CD

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510 copies (200 black / 310 coloured), 180g vinyl, gatefold, hand numbered. Incl. CD with a long Bonus-Jam (74 mins).

The Sonic Shamen project came together because Dr Space had always wanted to record at the famous, Foel Studios in Wales. The idea was to bring together cool people from the UK Space Rock community to do some jamming and see what happens.

Fred and Jon (Earthling Society), Martin (Litmus), Vince (Red Elektra, Alan Davey) and Dr Space (Oresund Space Collective, Black Moon Circle) gathered at the studio for Fri-Sat-Sun in Nov 2015. Dave Anderson (Hawkwind, Groundhogs, Amon Duul II), who owns the studio was so friendly and hung out a lot with the guys and even jammed with them for over 2hrs in two different jams (see the CD).

It was all recorded live in the studio with no overdubs. The opening track is a bit of take off on 7 by 7 by Hawkwind. Side B is something that might have been recorded by Sam Gopal. This is followed by a freaky nasty R&R jam that would make Lemmy smile (hope). Side C is an eastern psych track while Side D shows the most heavy side of the jamming.

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