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Black vinyl limited to 300 copies.

"Albinö Rhino's sound is wide and colorful like the vast expanse of the ocean on a hot summer day yet strangely fitting for late night smoke outs in the dead of winter ... calms the mood down a little by carving out a niche somewhere between the monotony of Death Hawks and the grittiness of Colour Haze. A driving bass line and repetitive drumming ... allowing the guitars to lightly jump and skip around this rhythmic foundation. For those looking for a jam to get lost in, be sure to check this mind-bender out." (Sludgelord)

"Shades of earliest Los Natas (thinking "Alberto Migré" specifically), shades of Sungrazer, shades of Colour Haze, but in a context that still has some of the doomier straightforwardness in its impulses." (JJ, @ The Obelisk)

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