ALBINÖ RHINO - Riff Religion (one-sided) 12" EP

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"Albinö Rhino have been a horizon bending sonic entity since 2010, rising from the ruins of doom in Helsinki. Initiated to manifest a resonance of lurid smokeless fire by Viljami Väre on drums, Ville Harju on bass & lead vocals and Kimmo Tyni on guitar/moog & lead vocals. ... new single entitled "Riff Religion", which is a tribute from the band to the people out there living this heavy sonic culture. ... one sided limited 12inch.

Albinö Rhino's sound is wide and colorful like the vast expanse of the ocean on a hot summer day yet strangely fitting for late night smoke outs in the dead of winter ... calms the mood down a little by carving out a niche somewhere between the monotony of Death Hawks and the grittiness of Colour Haze. A driving bass line and repetitive drumming ... allowing the guitars to lightly jump and skip around this rhythmic foundation. For those looking for a jam to get lost in, be sure to check this mind-bender out." (Sludgelord)

"Shades of earliest Los Natas (thinking "Alberto Migré" specifically), shades of Sungrazer, shades of Colour Haze, but in a context that still has some of the doomier straightforwardness in its impulses." (JJ, @ The Obelisk)


1. Riff Religion 14:00

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