FREE / SLOPE - Daydream Melodies (clear) LP

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Sound Effect and Deep Distance Records present "Daydream Melodies", the debut album by Free/Slope, aka Gothenburg, Sweden-based Daniel Fridlund Brandt. Daniel, also a member of Animal Daydream and My Brother the Wind, is not your average bedroom producer/artist, "Daydream Melodies" is a fully realized, richsounding, krautrockish psych mini-masterpiece of the highest caliber!

Based on studio jams and improvisations, Free/Slope, through his almost jazz-like compositional technique, creates instrumental music with a classicist songstructure, while retaining some unmistakably loose, improvisational sensibility. His organic approach to recording adds to the spontaneity and acid-drenched feel of the record; woozy and otherworldy at the same time, "Daydream Melodies" demonstrates some rare musicality and artistry on a no-less-than-magical sound canvas. A wide spectrum of influences, from Ashra and Harmonia to Radio Dept., Spacemen 3 and Broadcast, via late '60s California psych, Miles Davis, Steely Dan and Bo Hansson, informs Daniel's muse, the result being at the same time vulnerable, romantic, trippy and cool.

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