ELECTRIC ORANGE - Time Machine 1992-2017 CD

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Electric Orange's "Time Machine" is here to take you on a trip, from 1992 and their ambient electronics/guitar tapestries to their recent days of improvised psychedelia and post-krautrock. In between you will meet a variation of some different, but closely connected styles the band was going through in the last 25 years. You will meet '60s style psychedelic-beat on "Bone and Rock", some weird Trip Hop and Electro-Pop from 1996 like "Patient's Pop", the 2001 Düsseldorf sound of "Noila", weird soundtrack collages from 2004, a dark ballad from 2013 ("Life Evil") or space-rocking in 2012.

All these were combined and freshly remastered by EROC, for the first time on this new compilation "Time Machine 1992-2017", the definitive collection of rare & unreleased stuff out of 25 years of Electric Orange.

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